Sunday, February 25, 2007


We've been out and about today and we have company coming over in about 30 minutes, so I won't have time to write more about the swing club until tomorrow.

BUT... About an hour ago we decided that it would be fun to try something new, and we hope you like it. It's sort of like a quiz, but it only has one question. The first person to answer correctly, in the form of a comment, gets to request a photo which will be posted right here, as long as we're both comfortable with the request (but please, no face shots). It can be clothed, nude, G-rated, R-rated, explicit, one of us, both of us, or whatever you want. Hell, it doesn't even have to be sexual — we'd be more than happy to post a photo of our tea kettle if you'd like, but I guarantee that Maude's body is much sexier.

We're really excited to do this!

A few rules:
1) One guess per person
2) Along with your answer, please describe the photo you'd like to see.
3) Please keep it respectful, and don't request anything too outlandish (such as a picture of us having sex in a police cruiser or one of us flashing a nun).

QUESTION: What is Maude's (US) shoe size?


Odysseus said...


Um, I will guess 8.

My photo request How about Maude on top in reverse cowgirl position. Shot opposite her, meaning she is facing the camera.

If you give me an email address, Penelope and I can make an example of what I mean and send it to you :)

Penelope said...

Pic of Maude and Tim in the shower covered in soap suds!