Sunday, June 22, 2008

2nd Picture Sent to Bob

This was the 2nd photo we sent to Bob after another night of chatting online. Again, I really wish I could post the picture he sent. With his rock hard cock in front of his computer screen. HOT. But anyway, this will have to do for now:

We had hoped to meet him out last night for a drink, and talked about it through a quick IM and then a text message. Unfortunately, it was late by that time, and he took a rain check.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

First set of pictures sent to Bob

We've had a couple cyber 3-somes this past week. We haven't used web cams yet, but we are teasing each other with pictures. It's been fun, we are talking about boundaries and what we fantasize about. We don't have any plans to get together yet, but I'm enjoying this phase of our relationship.
That's funny, in a way. Because while we are friends, we are not in a relationship with a 3rd person. It makes it more comfortable knowing that this is purely physical. There aren't any emotions. There won't be any hurt feelings, no pressure, and no expectations. It is going to be easy and fun, wild and carefree.
As far as the first pictures I sent to Bob, here they are:

He sent a couple pictures back to us (I wish I could post them, but it just wouldn't be right).

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Huge News

So... we've been talking to another person about the possibility of trying a 3-some. I met this person (let's call him Bob) on Sunday night (not the 1st encounter) for some drinks and to watch the basketball game. Our conversation quickly turned to sex. It is really important to me that when we are involved in 3somes, 4somes, 5somes, or 20somes, that all parties are equally involved. That means that if there are multiple men, they have to be comfortable with each other being there. Especially since that is the expectation with women. I told Bob that one of my biggest unfulfilled fantasies is to see Tim with another man. I want to see Tim with a cock in his hand. In his mouth. I'd love to see another man give him a blow job. And I know this is something that Tim has wanted to try as well. Bob seemed very open to the idea and asked a couple questions. Then he asked if this was something that Tim really truly was ok with and wanted as much as I did. Just then, I got a text from Tim saying, "If you are still with Bob, give him a kiss". I showed my cell phone to Bob and leaned over the table. Our kiss was more like an open peck.... i waited about 5 seconds before I licked his open lips and tongue. That answered his question. We stayed out a bit longer, had a few more cocktails, watched the end of the game, danced to a song we chose on the jukebox, and then we decided to call it a night. I came home, and got into bed. Tim came home a bit later. The next morning I had a picture message of Bob's cock. mmmmmmm....
I'm not sure when, but I am pretty confident this will happen. And I couldn't be happier.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

My New Toy

hahahaha. I love how Tim thought there was a possibility of a girls make out session. Well, in his defense, I have swapped spit with 2 of the girls there. But it didn't exactly happen like he fantisizes about.

Vegas was fantastic. The quickie before I left was fantastic. I think it is funny that his co-worker guessed why he came home for lunch. I will probably blush when I see her again.

Tim bought me a new vibrator last Friday. It is a handheld battery operated little thing. I tried to find a picture of it, but couldn't. I'll take a picture of me using it and post it online though. I like it, it's fun! I used it yesterday morning in bed. Tim must have heard the buzzing coming from the bedroom and came in. I was under the covers, so he couldn't see anything, but it was pretty obvious. He put his head on my tummy/crotch area and felt the vibrations. I told him that I wanted to watch him masturbate. "Ok", was all he said. The boxers came off, and he laid down next to me. I turned down the level a notch to hold off my orgasm. I watched him stroke his penis slowly and occasionally touching his balls. After a few minutes, pre-cum was dribbling out of his cock. He rubbed some onto my nipples and licked it off. I turned down the level again. Mmmmmmm.... He started to stroke it faster and faster. "Do you want me to cum now or wait?" he asked me. "Now". Faster and faster and he arched his back a little. A moan came out of his mouth and his breath got deeper and louder. I watched as cum came shooting out of his cock and hit the pillow between our heads. I came instantly.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Before you go...

While my posts have been infrequent for some time, I still love the fact that we have this blog. Maude is clearly much better at updating it than I am, so I completely understand why she would be more interested in blogging if I posted more often. Initially, it was something that I loved doing several times a week. But after a while, I didn't feel it was a necessity to update that frequently, though I really should post more than I do.

Anyway, Maude is in Las Vegas this weekend for a bachelorette party. A bunch of girls going crazy in Sin City sounds pretty hot to me. I pleaded with her to take pictures if any of the girls start making out with each other. This is a distinct possibility, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. They saw a show last night and, not surprisingly, had a great evening. At this very moment they're laying out by the pool, sipping cocktails and discussing whatever it is women talk about. Sex is one of the topics, that's for sure. Probably not sports, though. I think I'd cum on the spot if I walked by a group of 6 hot girls in swimsuits and heard them talking about the NFL.

Maude left work a little after noon yesterday to pack before heading to the airport. I needed to stop by the apartment during my lunch break to give her something, so I was hoping it would also be a good excuse for a little action. Before leaving my office, I sent her a text to see if she'd have enough time to pack and have a pre-trip quickie. She said yes. Woo-hoo!

When I got home we got undressed and got down to business. I told her it'd be really hot if, instead of cleaning herself afterward with tissues, we put a towel under her to catch my cum as it leaked out, and then left the towel there as a little reminder for when I get from work in the evening. I don't know why that occurred to me, but for some reason it turned me on, and still does. While we fucked, Maude said she wanted me to pin her down when I came (we were in missionary). As the point of no return approached, I put one hand on her shoulder and the other at the base of her neck. Within seconds I was filling Maude with my cum and tightly holding her down, each wave of my orgasm making my grip even tighter. I got off her and looked at my cum oozing out onto the towel. It was a great visual and I really wanted to take a picture, but that's not the kind of photo we'd like Maude's friends to stumble across if they picked up the camera in Vegas. She wiped herself off with the towel and set it on the bed, as I had requested. We said our goodbyes and I headed out the door.

When I got back to the office, I mentioned to a coworker that I had gone home to give something to Maude. She responded, "Oh, a little quickie, huh?"