Saturday, February 24, 2007

Swing Club, Part 1

Okay, we have some very big news to share. Last night Maude and I took a huge step in our sexual exploration - we went to a swingers club! But before I talk about that, I'd like to give a little background info.

Going to a swing club is something that we've talked about doing for many months but have waited to make sure we are both ready and are able to handle it. Once, last year, we had planned to go to a club but decided against it the day of the event. I think that was a good call. Since then, there are several things we've wanted to try (which we will write about) via Craigslist, bars, swinger websites, etc., but nothing crazy has really panned out because we don't want to move too fast. It's better to wait than than to risk ruining a night and a fantasy.

Another reason we wanted to try a swingers club rather than look for people online is that, in the past, the whole build-up to meeting people face-to-face has been more than a little intimidating for Maude and me. About four months ago we contacted a guy through Craigslist. He seemed genuinely nice and he wanted to try many things that we, too, are interested in. But the butterflies in our stomachs proved to be a bit too much for us and we didn't meet him. I am sure it's just a matter of us being newbies to that type of thing. Once the first time is out of the way — meeting someone in real life after exchanging emails — I don't think it would be nearly as intimidating to do again with other people. I know it might sound strange, but this is similar to how I felt about having sex for the first time. I had invested so much curiosity, interest, expectation, insecurity, and other felings into the actual act of intercourse that I was really apprehensive about trying it. It was like I wanted to have sex, but I also wanted to retain my virginity to some extent. I guess sometimes I build things up too much in my own mind.

It would be fantastic to randomly start talking to someone at a bar who happens to have similar interests and fantasies, chat the night away, and maybe take them home and see what happens. The spontaneity of an unforseen scenario like that wouldn't give us enough time to get nervous. But since we're not mind readers and since I've never seen a couple walking around with matching shirts that say, "Hello, we are friendly and sexually open-minded. Would you like to meet for a coffee?," it seems like a good place to "randomly" bump into such people would be a swingers club.

I should say that I had been to a swingers club once before, three years ago, with my ex-girlfriend. I think we may have gone before we were ready, because we never went again and we didn't talk about it a whole lot afterward. I didn't get naked so it was sort of a low-key experience, though I did see plenty of other peoples' bum-bums, pee-pees and boobies. Sorry, I'll try to refrain from referring to body parts as if I'm a toddler.

This post is longer than I had originally planned, so I will stop here and continue with a description of last night in my next post. Sorry, I'm not trying to be suspenseful. Honestly. The truth of the matter is that Maude and I need to go to the store right now and then get some dinner. We're hungry! :-)


Penelope said...

Can't wait to hear about it! I wonder if there are any of those clubs around where we live..

Odysseus said...

1) more please!!

2) though I did see plenty of other peoples' bum-bums, pee-pees and boobies.


Tim said...

Penelope, there might be a few places close to you. Here's how we located the one from last night:

Odysseus, we're looking forward to describing more about our experience. And I'm glad you were able to appreciate my adolescent humor. It takes a certain sophistication; just ask any 5th-grader. Boobs. Ha, ha.

reddragonsangel said...

wow- waiting with bated breath to hear about your experience- and please feel free to contact Monty and I - as we have been inthe lifestyle for a little over a yer now and certainly wish we had someone to answer all our nervous questions- no matter how silly they seemed- can't wait to read more- and good call- the clubs- if they are good ones, are really the very best place to start...XXXOOO~PINK

Tim said...

Thanks, Red. It's great to hear from others who were in our shoes not too long ago. Nice knowing that we can bounce some questions off you as we see where things take us!