Sunday, September 23, 2007

My unmentionables

We had the house to ourselves last night which made for "different than usual" sex. There was something that I had been thinking about trying lately and I finally worked up enough nerve to ask Tim for it.
Ass play.
(Those words are making me giggle right now as I type it... I'm pretty sure I didn't called it "ass play" in bed last night).
Oh My God- was it incredible! We started out with me laying on my stomach and he kissed my backside. And then there was tongue. And tongue trying to get inside me. And I was not used to that area being touched but especially by a tongue and it was driving me insane. I know I was squirming a lot, but I couldn't help it. And every time I thought it was done and he was going to start fucking me, there was that tongue again. Tim had me ready to crawl through the roof by the time he pulled my legs back and up towards him and entered me.
And all this makes me think that maybe... maybe... I want to try double-penetration.