Monday, February 5, 2007

Maude's side... and then some

Yes, I went on vacation. I danced with 18 year olds. I had a great time. I even made out with a girl on that trip (just on the dance floor... not in bed!!).
It was my birthday last night. Tim took off my clothes in bed and kissed his way down to my clit. While he was sending me into ecstasy by licking and teasing me, he stuck a finger inside me. He started pumping a rhythm with my g-spot and while I was trying to be quiet as to not wake our visitor, I wanted to scream and crawl out of my skin. I don't think I have ever had an orgasm quite like that one. I came so hard I was having "after-shocks" for at least 10 minutes afterwards.
Has anyone had 2 different orgasms at once? Is that not the most amazing sensation EVER?

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reddragonsangel said...

Absolutley ! the best are the anal/clit and cock inside you all at the same time- try your butt plug in your - butt- and his cock inside you and then take a mini vibe and go inthe reverse cowgirl and you take control and to be honest - he can just lay there and cum form your huge orgasm- and I have to have some cock after a straight clit orgasm- but thats just me- love the blog- xxoo