Thursday, December 6, 2007

Power Lunch

We are very excited about this post. Some wonderful friends of ours have graciously agreed to write a few entries on our behalf. It's a fantasy written from my point of view, but it's not too far off from something that may (hopefully!) transpire. Maude and I work downtown, only a few blocks from each other, and we regularly meet for lunch. Today was one such occasion, and I'd be lying if I said the following scenario didn't cross my mind as we casually ate sandwiches amidst the midday rush. Perhaps this entry should be considered more of a manual than a fantasy. [And to our friends: thank you for penning this; we look forward to more!]

The best thing about my new job location is that it puts me closer to Maude's work place. We were able to meet up for lunch for the first time this week. Being able to see my lovely girlfriend is a great way to break up the work day. It's a great perk of this job...although not as perky as Maude's breasts in a form fitting white button down shirt.

We met at a cafe for lunch. After we ate, we had about 15 minutes to kill before heading back to work. "Let's walk around the block," Maude said. The sun was shining and I was admiring Maude's ass in her black skirt when we rounded the corner and stopped short. We were on a street we hadn't seen before. We were amazed to see a heavily forested park right in the city.

No words were needed. I checked my watch. Ten minutes. We grabbed each other's hand and went in. The sounds of traffic died away and even the sunlight faded. Other pedestrians strolled past us. Then we saw our spot. Maude reached out and pushed aside branches. Inside was hollow. Leaves and branches protected it all around. We could see people walking by but they couldn't see us. I suddenly realized my cock was straining against my pants so tightly it almost hurt. Maude pulled me in. Neither of us could quite believe what we were doing. I could hear the footsteps of people walking by. Maude lay on her back on the ground. We kissed and I reached up her skirt and pulled aside her panties. I fingered her sopping wet pussy while I unzipped my pants with my other hand. I could catch drifts of conversation from nearby pedestrians. I could see all the details of their footwear. I could see Maude also watching and noticing how many people were walking by. The heightened self-consciousness made us like we were fucking for the first time. I unbuttoned Maude's blouse. Her bra unhooked at the front and within another second her breasts were bare.

Trying not to rustle branches, I knelt between Maude's legs. I froze when I saw someone approaching walking a dog. Would the dog see us? Smell us and dive into the brush, dragging the owner along? My bare cock was rock hard and throbbing in front of me. Maude's legs were wide open and her glistening pussy was on display. We did not breathe.

The dog continued on. I thrust my cock in and Maude arched her back and bit her lip to keep from crying out. She was so hot and wet and I knew she wanted me to thrust as hard as I could. I bit and sucked her nipples. She squeezed her legs around me as tightly as she could. I saw a couple heading down the path and it seemed the closer they came toward us, the closer I got to orgasm. I kissed Maude and when I heard their footfalls just a foot or two away, I exploded into Maude. We remained locked together and spasming until our bodies completely relaxed and the couple had disappeared.

It was time to go back to work.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


1. If your partner buys you a sexy little "something" is it a present for you or for your partner?
Hmmm... I guess both. But I also don't think we have ever done this for each other. I would love if Tim could pick out something we both would find sexy (and my right size!!).

2. What are 3 characteristics of "your type"?
a) Facial hair. Not necessarily a full beard, but I like stubble.
b) Sense of humor
c) Outgoing personality

3. On a scale of 1-10, how good a cook are you?
I love to cook. LOVE to cook. One of my favorite blogs used to be "Cake and Cock (what happened??? ) I think I'm pretty good when I'm allowed in the kitchen.

4. Tattoos: Love them or hate them.
I don't think I'm the tattoo type. I like them on men, not really on women. It just looks funny when you see a woman in a black cocktail dress or business suit and they have a butterfly on their ankle.

5. Stubble: Good or bad?
On me- horrible.
On Tim- it makes me so hot I can barely contain myself. He has no clue how sexy I find this and no clue how well he wears it.

Optional:What are a few of your favorite things (both sexual non-sexual)?
Jazz/blues (what a great answer Rae!!)
Red wine
Oral sex
Christmas time
Cooking with Tim
Jameson Shots with a Miller Light
New underware
Live music
Mr. Clean Magic Scrubbers
Being on the pill
Happy hours
Coconut scented shampoo
Sleeping in
Going to baseball day games
Dior mascara
Birds of Paradise
Anal beads
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Vanilla Sugarfree Nonfat lattes
Farmers markets
Fish Tacos
Ernest Hemingway novels