Tuesday, February 6, 2007

New photos from this afternoon...

I had amazing, slippery, oily, lubed up sex this afternoon. Tim and I had the afternoon off and randomly decided to watch lesbian porn for a little bit. We both undressed during the first scene and I was already extremely wet. Tim brought out a butt plug (we have never used it as it was meant to be used - which will will explained in later posts) and lubed it up and put it inside of me. I was lying on my stomach and began rocking up and down, back and forth, savoring the sensations of having this foreign object inside of me. Tim was sitting next to me stroking his cock. He would pull the plug out of me and finger my clit here and there, but mostly I was squeezing it inside of me, wondering if I could cum from that sensation alone. As I lay there watching tv, I felt Tim turn me over. I fully expected him to take the plug out of my pussy and enter me just then. But instead, he took baby oil and dribbled it over my breasts, tummy, and thighs. I let him rub the oil onto my entire body as I continued to caress my clit. I turned my head to the side and let him massage my breasts... I listened to the sound of 2 women orgasm on the porn... I clamped my vagina down on the butt plug... I rubbed my clit furiously in circular motions... I came HARD. Tim let me rest for a few minutes and when I turned my head to him, I told him that my pussy was so wet and warm for him. He told me could only last for a few minutes. That was fine, I just wanted to feel him side of me at that point. He propped himself up in between my legs and readjusted his cock. He pushed inside and was filling me with his cum in a few moments.