Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Swing Club, Part 2

Sorry for the delay. To learn a bit about our mindset going into this adventure, check out part one.

Okay, back to the events of this past Friday night. And I apologize if the description is too detailed. I suppose if we do this type of thing several (or many) more times it will become more familiar, but since this is new to us, it's kind of a big deal. So if you're a newbie like us, maybe you can relate. And if you're a seasoned swing club veteran, perhaps your first time was a little like this.

So last Wednesday we decided that we were comfortable with the notion of going to a swing club. We checked out the websites of some local spots and decided on one that looked the most appealing. It seems that none of the clubs around here have couples-only nights, something that I personally would have preferred, but it wasn't mandatory. As long as there weren't swarms of pushy single men circling like vultures, we felt that it would probably be okay. While we weren't going to the club in order to play with other people, we both thought it would be very hot to see other people having sex, and possibly for others to see/watch us playing together. One of our mutual fantasies is to have sex in the same room or on the same bed as another couple, or couples. Beyond that, I don't think either of us really knew what we wanted to happen. Mainly, we just wanted each other to be comfortable. It goes without saying, but knowing that we could just walk out at any point was reassuring.

We began the night at home with a couple glasses of wine to ease our trepidation. After showering and making ourselves look pretty, we went out for dinner at a little restaurant right down the street. Boundaries for the evening had not yet been discussed, so we began talking about comfort levels. Maude gave me permission to kiss others if I felt so inclined. I had no problem with her kissing women, but I requested that we both agree before she kissed another guy. I wasn't too worried about feeling jealous if she made out with a man (though I wasn't 100% sure that I'd be comfortable, either), but I was a bit concerned that some weird, disrespectful dude might assume that he had a green light to do anything he wanted once his lips touched hers. If a guy seemed courteous, it was (hopefully going to be) fine by me. As I've mentioned before, watching Maude kiss another guy is one of those things I have fantasized about but have wondered how I'd feel if such a situation actually occurred.

Basically, kissing and stuff were okay, but we wanted to make sure that each other was comfortable with anything beyond that.

Following dinner we hopped in a cab and went to the club. After we got dropped off we accidentally walked right past the club, on the other side of the street. I was expecting to see a sign or neon lights or something like that, but instead it was a nondescript building in a neighborhood that was quiet except for a few passing cars. I had even mistaken the doormen for a couple guys chilling out on the front step of their building. Once they saw our confused selves walking toward them for the second time, they smiled and opened the door for us. We went up a stairwell and reached the woman who was collecting entrance fees. Couples pay no cover charge during the first hour, so we were waved through into the dimly lit main area of the club. There was a bar, two small stages separated by a dance floor, and there were tables and couches spread around the room.

When we sat at one of the tables, a woman approached and asked if was our first time there. She explained to us that there was to be a strip show in an hour and a half, and after the show the play rooms would be open. Our hostess pointed past the dance floor and told us that there was a room for anyone to play in (i.e., single males) and a second room reserved for couples. I was glad to hear there would be a place that only had couples.

We had a couple drinks and discretely tried to observe other people in the club. The bar was behind us and from what I could tell, it was populated by the single males in attendance. Some of the couples were kissy, lovey-dovey types, while one couple in particular looked like they were on their first date. Ironically, they were also the only ones on the dance floor. It was interesting watching them. The woman was clearly the one calling the shots. The guy basically kept shifting himself so that he was always facing her, while she seemed to be in her own little world, maybe just concentrating on the music and enjoying all the eyes that were on her since no one else had the balls to start dancing yet. I got the feeling that if the guy had returned to their table, she wouldn't have noticed or even particularly cared.

At one point I went to the men's room, and when I came back Maude told me that she had made a "boyfriend," and she pointed him out, a guy about our age with a shaved head. I guess he saw me head to the bathroom and wanted to introduce himself to her. We were sort of joking about it a little bit. I was actually a little encouraged that Maude didn't feel too freaked out about it. Not that we were going to be playing with single guys, but it could have been an uncomfortable situation considering it was her first time in a swing club.

Eventually the strip show started. Turns out it was more of a weak imitation of a strip show than an actual one, and certainly a far cry from the images on the website which were one of the factors we chose to attend this instead of others. Anyway, by now more people were dancing and couples had started heading to the play area. After a while Maude and I decided to see what was going on back there. We crossed the dance floor and passed the single guys who had gathered by the couples' play room. While you had to be a couple to actually enter this room, its wall was only about 5 feet tall, so a whole gallery of single guys was there watching the pairs go at it. I should clarify that it wasn't really what I'd call a room; it was more of an adult playpen with men's faces lining the top of one wall.

The "room" had benches along the walls and in the center there was a thing that looked like a cross between an ottoman and a mattress. It (the ottoman/mattress thing) was probably 5'x5', and aside from that, there was nowhere else in the room to lay down. There were maybe six or seven couples fucking on the wall benches, and it seemed that each of them was doing it in the "guy-sits-down-and-girl-straddles-him-and-rides-him" position (If you can't tell, I have no idea what that position is called.). One of the things I had been most anxious to see was lots of nudity, but there wasn't too much of it going on in here. Men's pants were around their ankles and they hadn't taken off their shirts. The girls had hiked up their skirts so they could ride the guys, and, like the men, they were not topless. To be honest, I was slightly disappointed by the overall lack of skin, but it's something that I couldn't put my finger on until I thought about it the next day.

Maude and I took a seat on one of the benches and started kissing and watching the other people play. Then, the couple next to us got on the mattress in the middle of the room and really started going at it. Now that's what we wanted to see! I thought it was the same woman who had been the first on the dance floor, and her attention-getting demeanor was similar. But she wasn't with the guy she had been dancing with earlier. So maybe it wasn't her, I don't know. Anyway, these two people were undressing and kissing each other. At one point she started kissing another woman next to the mattress who was getting fucked from behind in a standing position. I thought that was really hot.

Maude wanted us to play on the mattress as well (she loves the thought of being watched), but she felt a little shy about squeezing us in there because the other couple was using the whole mattress. Before we made the move she asked me for an Altoid mint. With a kiss, I passed her the one I had just popped in my mouth. She beamed, which in turn put a smile on my face.

We went to the mattress and Maude sat down and laid back. The woman was more than happy to make room for us. I moved so I was kneeling on the floor between Maude's legs, pushed her skirt up, removed her panties, and started licking her clit. I think I also took off my clothes while going down on her (I'm a multi-tasker!). The other couple was also engaged in oral, with the woman on all fours and the guy licking her from behind. Next thing I knew, the woman moved so her head was over Maude's and they started kissing. I was like, "Holy shit. Holy fucking shit. Is this really happening?! Is she seriously making out with a woman?" They cradled each other's head as they kissed, and it seemed like the girl wanted to devour Maude. She groped Maude's now-exposed breasts and began licking them. I was watching this as best I could with my face was buried in Maude's pussy, but I couldn't see everything from my vantage point. Then the guy reached over and started feeling and sucking Maude's tits. I remember asking myself how I felt about that. If Maude was okay with it, so was I. But if she showed the slightest unease, I was ready to calmly but sternly guide his hands back to his own body.

I didn't find out until later, but while I was tongue-fucking Maude, she was making out with the guy. I wish I had seen that because I don't know if it would have been more strange to see him sucking her breasts or kissing her. It's interesting how the act of kissing can be either mundane (e.g., when kissing a random person at a bar) or intensely personal (e.g., when saying "I love you" for the first time), depending on the situation. Anyway, it didn't bother me to find out that they had kissed. She assumed that I had made out with the other woman, but I hadn't. It's not that I didn't want to, because I did. But I've always been one to wait until it's clear that a girl wants to kiss before I lean in. I've seen plenty of guys look like jerks when they incorrectly assume that girls want to make out with them, whether it's a result of misreading body language or just sheer arrogance. But yes, I would have enjoyed making out with her.

After a while, I heard Maude moaning like she was coming. I think it really turned the other woman on, because I saw her look at Maude and she made some sounds of her own. The guy started fucking her doggy-style and then he finger-fucked her from behind. The whole scene was different from anything I had witnessed before. I was really, really turned on, but I was finding it a bit difficult to keep an erection. Maybe it was because there was so much going on around us. Maybe it was because of the guys who were watching all the action from outside the couples area. In any event, I felt better when Maude told me that she hadn't come earlier and that she felt much the same way I did - excited but a little intimidated. I alternated between giving her head and kissing her and playing with her breasts. I don't know if the guy next to us came, but they started getting dressed after quite a while and they left. We suddenly realized that we were the last customers in the club and decided to head out.

When we were getting dressed, we noticed that some of our clothing was wet. A little uncomfortable about putting on clothes with splotches of unidentified fluids/liquids, I chose to carry by boxers and t-shirt with me, but as we were leaving I noticed two cups that had been knocked over right by where my clothes had been piled up. We were both hungry by this point so we took a cab to this 24-hour hamburger joint near our apartment.

As we got out of the taxi, I heard somebody shout to us. It was one of our friends who was stopping by for a late-night burger. Neither of us was too keen on seeing any acquaintances as we returned from a swing club, so that was bad enough. But I suddenly remembered the clothing items in my hands. Carrying around my undershirt wasn't a huge problem; I could say I took it off because I was hot or something. But I was also holding my fucking underwear in my hands. How do you explain that? "Why am I carrying my boxers? Gee, it's funny you should ask. See, um, we passed a church that was, uhh, having a clothing drive and I felt like I should help them out so I took off my underwear right there in front of the nice church people. But, um, they were only accepting clean clothes, so I've just been carrying them around with me since then. That's totally what happened. Go ask the deacon if you don't believe me." It turned out that our friend was coming from a bar where he had been drinking lots of beer and several shots. He probably wouldn't have noticed if I had been totally naked. That's how I reassured myself the next morning, anyway.

When we got into bed I pounced on Maude. She likes it when I attack her like that. We were both ridiculously horny (gee, wonder why?) and it wasn't long before I felt her wet pussy spasming all over my cock. That sent me over the edge and I erupted inside her, my thrusts powered by the image of Maude kissing another girl.

When I awoke the next morning and recounted the previous night's adventure, I was glad we did it. We talked about things we liked and things we would have changed, but overall I have to say it was a great first experience. I'm very proud of us for taking that step and now I am even more excited and more confident about all the possibilities we can explore together.


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Penelope said...

DAMN. I'm so jealous. I did some research with the link you guys sent me and there isn't a club like that within a hundred miles, if anywhere. Our state is so frickin small.

Tim said...

Odysseus & Penelope - hopefully you guys can check out something like that soon enough. It was fantastic, and it was a no-pressure environment. Who knows, maybe take a weekend trip to a city with a club sometime?

ceasar said...

Very hot,can't wait to hear her version of the story.My wife and I have fatasized about trying that.

Odysseus said...

it turns out our state is kind of close to another country. and there's a big city in it.

a google search revealed much.
things are closer than we thought.

Tim said...

Well, that's good news.

Next stop: the border.

The Dark Side of me said...

Wowie wow wow...!

That sounds like a great time! I just started talking to 'the man' about going to a swing club. Reading that makes me want to talk about it some more! LOL

Easily Aroused said...

It sounds like you both had a wonderful adventure. Where next?