Friday, April 27, 2007

Our new and improved survey (and 10 times better than any other) answered!!

Thank you to Hot Husband and Hot Wife of Let's Talk About Sex Baby. Love the survey! This is much better than any others I've come across!!

So here are my answers... Tim- Take this survey too. I would be interested to see your thoughts.

Your blog is going on its fifth month. Do you see it changing much in the next 5-6 months?
Has it really been that long???
Yes. Tim and I are going to need to make a decision soon. So for better or for worse, this blog is going to be different. How different? I'm not sure. But this long-distance thing needs to end!

You’re currently in the process of moving. Is it for the better, and was it a move you planned for some time?
It was good and bad. We needed to make the move for a variety of reasons and hopefully down the road it will be for the good. But right now I am feeling the effects of separation and I'm pretty sad about it. We had planned on this happening for some time. Was it for the better? I hope so. I think so.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Exactly 5 years from now. It will be Friday night and I get home from work early. Tim is in the kitchen making his famous chicken curry. He hands me a glass of wine. He has some music playing in the background and I leave him to finish dinner and head to the bedroom. I take a shower and come back to the kitchen just as he is setting the table. I want to go down on him before we eat. He declines... we are having guests over after dinner and he wants to save all his energy for them too.

Not too long ago, you two attended a swingers club. If confronted with the opportunity tonight, would you go to another one?
Sure! I liked the first one we went to. I was so nervous about it, but now looking back, I am so glad that we went! It was one of those experiences that brought me closer to finding out who I am as a sexual being.

Would you do anything differently than the first time?
Maybe not drink quite as much. And try to relax more and just enjoy the moment. And make sure Tim makes out with someone. He has seen me but I have not seen him make out with anyone else yet.

Red wine or white wine?
Red wine for me. I love Merlot. And Pinot Noir.

Where are you right now? Just kidding, we already knew because we’re looking in your window...
Wanna come in?

You two are at a bar. You go to the bathroom and when you return, an attractive member of the opposite sex is talking with the other.
A. Take a seat a couple of stools down and observe
B. Barge in the conversation rudely, to get the point across that you are with them C. Casually join the conversation and see where it leads
Definitely C. I would never, ever do B. Maybe A depending on the circumstances. I would like to see Tim work his magic and flirt. But I would join in sooner or later.

Hot wife and I are going to be in your town for a night. We talk and decide to hang out. What would we do?
Hmmm... let's see. I would see if you wanted to have a drink at a cool little bar I know of. If we wanted to continue our evening of fun, I have drinks at home too. And then I'd probably want to take advantage of you.

See any kids in the future?
No. Not for me. And of course, this could change, but right now I cannot see myself as a mother. I am scared to death to push a human being out of my hoo-hoo. It freaks me out way too much. If I really wanted children, I would adopt. But I don't think I have that maternal instinct. I'd make a much better aunt.

Any advice for couples just starting a blog?
Just be non-judgemental, honest, and open. You learn a lot from your partner in this medium. I don't have any negative thoughts on it... I am so, so glad that Tim suggested doing this. It has been great for our relationship.


Tomscockwhore said...

Great interview! If I would have seen it earlier I would have linked back to you!

I would be glad to make out with Tim - just for you of course! :-)

I did my interview as well. HH and HW came up with fabulous questions.

Have a great weekend!

hot husband and hot wife said...

We loved your answers, hope it was fun :) We had fun coming up with the questions, and it gave us a chance to dig thru the archives. Now we know everything!