Thursday, April 19, 2007

In My Bed & In My Head

Tim and I were fortunate enough to spend last week together. It was a whirlwind but we were able to spend a few glorious nights in the sack. The first couple times we were able to have sex, it was hushed and hurried (in normal circumstances, we are both moaners, heavy breathers, and talkers). Not to say that was bad. Quite the contrary. But it was almost a desperate kind of love making for me. I needed to feel connected to him physically. Since we've been apart (a month already) we make sure to talk every single day. Actually, we talk several times throughout the day. But I miss actually being physically close to him. I would have shagged him 5 times a day every day if I could have.
We found ourselves talking about our potential sex friends several times throughout the week though. And the funny part is that they came up more this time when we were out of bed. We haven't met this couple in person yet, but the possibility is there (more on this topic later) and that excites both of us immensely. We would be sitting at dinner and wonder if our friends would have liked that restaurant. Or at a baseball game and think about how fun it would be to have them with us. I think Tim and I are ready to take this next step. And this next step wouldn't have to be over the top sexual either, although of course that is in the back of our minds too. But maybe just spend a day doing something fun. A tour of a brewery or a concert. And then if it feels right...
First and foremost, I need to make sure that my relationship with Tim is strong enough for this. We are in a difficult situation right now being a few hundred miles apart. But I feel confident in myself and in Tim. I wouldn't even consider it if I had any doubts.

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