Thursday, April 26, 2007

Just What I Needed

As Maude mentioned a few days ago, she and I were fortunate enough to spend some time together here in my home state. It was wonderful to see her.When I picked her up at the airport and felt her soft lips press against mine, it seemed like all the frustrations of living so far apart m-e-l-t-e-d away. And her voice — heard not through a phone, but in real life — felt like a massage. I've always loved her brown eyes, but they were especially beautiful then.

The days that we had together were wonderful. We'd plan our day as we ate breakfast at one of the local diners and then head out for an afternoon of flirting and fun, knowing that one another's comapny was all we needed and anything else that happened was just a bonus.

We went to a great baseball game (the good guys won), visited a brewery with some damn tasty beer, and had several types of cuisine that we hadn't been able to find in the city which we used to call home.

It was perfect. She rocks my world, and I am one lucky guy.


FineYoungTouchable said...

Gosh, you two... chins up! Long distance is super-duper tough, and you've definitely got the right idea viewing anything other than time together as a bonus. Makes you treasure the hand-holds and stolen glances even more.

I'm enjoying your blog very much- thanks for the great writing and the candid style.

Maude said...

Yeah. It sucks.
Thanks for the good thoughts though!!

Hank said...

Me and Peggy (fineyoungtouchable) did the 1000 miles apart for a 1 1/2 years. We did it, you can also.

Bonus... That first "slide in" after we got together. awesome.