Sunday, March 4, 2007

Quiz Time #2

Okay, time for our second quiz. Actually, since the answers aren't necessarily based on things we've mentioned in our blog maybe we should refer to it as random question time, rather than quiz time.

Call it what you (or we) will, here's the deal: 1) We ask a question 2) You answer the question by leaving a comment for us. While leaving your answer, please tell us what kind of pic you'd like us to take for you 3) If you answer correctly, we will take a picture as you requested. If 10 people answer correctly, we'll post 10 photos.

Question: Of the following, which is Tim's favorite sex position? (Let it be known that Tim enjoys ALL of these positions):

A) Missionary
B) Cowgirl
C) Doggy Style
D) Reverse Cowgirl

Good Luck!


Odysseus said...

I would like to guess C.

And I would like to see a picture of that very position.

With a dime included ;-)

Odysseus said...

ooooh, to amend my request:

Doggy style in the shower/tub with suds!

Anonymous said...

I'm with odysseus, but to be different I will say cowgirl.