Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Huge News

So... we've been talking to another person about the possibility of trying a 3-some. I met this person (let's call him Bob) on Sunday night (not the 1st encounter) for some drinks and to watch the basketball game. Our conversation quickly turned to sex. It is really important to me that when we are involved in 3somes, 4somes, 5somes, or 20somes, that all parties are equally involved. That means that if there are multiple men, they have to be comfortable with each other being there. Especially since that is the expectation with women. I told Bob that one of my biggest unfulfilled fantasies is to see Tim with another man. I want to see Tim with a cock in his hand. In his mouth. I'd love to see another man give him a blow job. And I know this is something that Tim has wanted to try as well. Bob seemed very open to the idea and asked a couple questions. Then he asked if this was something that Tim really truly was ok with and wanted as much as I did. Just then, I got a text from Tim saying, "If you are still with Bob, give him a kiss". I showed my cell phone to Bob and leaned over the table. Our kiss was more like an open peck.... i waited about 5 seconds before I licked his open lips and tongue. That answered his question. We stayed out a bit longer, had a few more cocktails, watched the end of the game, danced to a song we chose on the jukebox, and then we decided to call it a night. I came home, and got into bed. Tim came home a bit later. The next morning I had a picture message of Bob's cock. mmmmmmm....
I'm not sure when, but I am pretty confident this will happen. And I couldn't be happier.


Hank said...

sounds like the beginnings of a really good time


bdenied said...

Its not every couple who will admit to wanting this and its not many girls who admit to wanting their guys to be intimate. Thanks for an eye opening post. Hope your fantasy is fullfilled.