Saturday, June 21, 2008

First set of pictures sent to Bob

We've had a couple cyber 3-somes this past week. We haven't used web cams yet, but we are teasing each other with pictures. It's been fun, we are talking about boundaries and what we fantasize about. We don't have any plans to get together yet, but I'm enjoying this phase of our relationship.
That's funny, in a way. Because while we are friends, we are not in a relationship with a 3rd person. It makes it more comfortable knowing that this is purely physical. There aren't any emotions. There won't be any hurt feelings, no pressure, and no expectations. It is going to be easy and fun, wild and carefree.
As far as the first pictures I sent to Bob, here they are:

He sent a couple pictures back to us (I wish I could post them, but it just wouldn't be right).


bdenied said...

Maude, Bob got to look at a dynamic set of sexy titties....I bet he got a hard on......great post

Richard said...

I am sure that these photos will be greatly appreciated.

Hank said...

it is always nice to see you Maude

SexDiarist said...

Great breasts! Lucky guy!