Monday, January 7, 2008

Some developments...

Happy Holidays!!

Tim and I have been discussing our desire for a 3 some or 4 some for quite awhile now. There is a friend of ours that seemed like a good candidate. He is a pervert (in the nice sense) and someone I formerly saw naked. After much chatting and hinting around between him and I, our potential 3-some person actually asked me if I was propositioning him.

I didn't think I was being that obvious.

And now I am taking a step back. Once it was talked about, I got completely scared off and need to take a breather. I think Tim is a little disappointed, but I can't go through with it if it doesn't feel right. As for our friend? I think once we get together for happy hour and talk football and grad school again, things will be back to normal. It will always be our secret.

In a couple months, we have friends coming to visit. Sex blogger friends at that.

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Rae said...

Oooh! Exciting! I feel like threesomes are in the air, they are all over the blogs I read lately.

Good luck, and you're right it isn't good to do if you don't feel right.