Monday, January 21, 2008


This is a new entry that friends of ours have written for us. It is now my turn to write something for them so that is what I am going to be working on in the next few days.

This is a great fantasy and when I first read it, I thought Tim had written this about his own company holiday party. Then I got to the part about when I supposedly arrived and I did a double-take at the sender of the email. Oh... right... this is the guest entry! (I was probably pretty tired at first). Wow. What a story! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have and do.

"Our company holiday party was the other night. It was held at a private club in town, one of those places where rich men go to smoke cigars and talk about golf. At least, I imagine that's what they do in there. Our company rented the place for the night and had a semi-formal Christmas bash, complete with champagne toasts and jingle bell party favors. It was interesting to see everyone from my workplace loosen up and have a little fun. Once the drinks started flowing, people started dancing and all sorts of unexpected interactions started happening - people who don't normally spend time together at work were buddies all of a sudden, and the most random people were flirting with other coworkers. It was interesting to watch it develop. I had a few drinks and chatted with one of my coworkers, a nice guy who I met only recently. Maude and I had to arrive separately because of our schedules. My friend and I were admiring a woman from accounting whose boobs were nicely filling out a little black dress when Maude arrived. She walked in the door from the outside, across the room from us, and my friend and I watched as she removed her coat and handed it to an attendant. I was pleasantly surprised to see that she looked astonishing. She was wearing a dress the color of deep crimson, which hugged her curves and probably would be a little too scandalous for some company parties. In fact, it might have been for this one, but I sure didn't care. She had done her hair up nicely, too, and had put on that magic girl stuff that made her eyes look enormous and her lips full and wet. They matched the color of her dress. I glanced over at my friend and smiled when I saw that he was staring at her just as hard as I was. He was obviously impressed; he'd never seen her in this sort of context before. Frankly, it had been a while since I had, too. Maude saw us and walked across the room toward us. I noticed that her dress had a slit on the side, which revealed a generous amount of thigh. Enticing, to say the least. She walked up to me and pulled me close for a deep, wet kiss, her tongue eagerly exploring the inside of my mouth. Then she put her hand on my friend's shoulder and stood on her tip-toes to whisper something in his ear. I couldn't quite make it out, but he appeared to be intrigued by whatever it was. Maude took me by the hand, then, and pulled me away from the bar. We walked across the room and went through a door that led into a stairwell. Before I even had a chance to say anything, she was on her knees in front of me, pulling my belt apart and digging into my pants for my cock. I was fully hard by the time she extracted my member, and watching her slide those painted lips over my throbbing head made me feel like a king. She sucked vigorously on my engorged cock for several minutes, then stood up, licking her lips. She put her hands on her breasts and squeezed her own nipples through her dress as she raised an eyebrow at me. She walked down a few steps and beckoned me to follow. I went a few steps further down, so I was behind her. To my delight, she bent herself over the stairs and spread her legs out to the sides. I ran my hands up her thighs and lifted her dress over her ass. She wasn't wearing any panties. Her pussy was already dripping wet. "Put your huge cock in me," she said, "I want to feel you fill me up." I didn't waste any time; I was thrusting into her before she could even finish her sentence. The party was going into full swing just behind the door, but I wasn't worried about that in the slightest. All I could concentrate on was the curves of Maude's ass and the warm feeling of her pussy as my cock slid in and out of it. I didn't even notice when someone opened the door above us and quietly stepped into the stairwell. "You like what you see?" Maude said. I was about to answer, but I realized she wasn't talking to me; she was talking to my friend, who had joined us in the stairwell! His face wore a strange expression of embarrassment and excitement as he nodded in positive response. "Come here," she said to me, standing up and pulling me up the stairs to the next section, "I want him to see my ass." She pushed me gently down so I was sitting on the stairs and then climbed on top of me, her ass curving out toward my friend, who was now visibly excited and holding onto himself through the fabric of his pants. Maude started fucking me like a rock star groupie then, riding me hard and slamming her thighs down onto mine as she plunged her pussy down onto my cock. Again and again she descended, building up speed and force as she went. Before long I was ready to explode, and she knew it. She climbed off of me and turned around, getting on her knees and putting her head low to the ground. She lifted her ass in the air toward me and shook it slightly, purring, "Now cum all over my ass while your friend watches." Looking at her perfect rear framed by her crimson dress and high heels, I had little choice but to oblige. I pumped my cock hard and erupted a massive load all over her, covering her ass cheeks and some of her dress with my cum. My friend smiled and excused himself, and Maude and I were left to clean up and return to the party on our own, with many secretive smiles to come between the three of us".

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