Sunday, January 27, 2008

Chat, Cameras & Love

As Maude mentioned recently, we have friends coming to visit. Sex blogger friends. They'll be here in one month (30 days to be precise).

We have chatted with them twice in the past week, breaking in our brand-new webcam. We only did it to make sure the webcam works. QC reasons only. I swear. Okay, that's not exactly true. We did it because they're hot!

It was mentioned last night that we've known them for a year. Seems crazy that it's been so long. We started our friendship off by leaving comments for each other, then we started emailing. I just checked, and the first email we received from them was February 26, 2007. That means they are arriving here exactly one year to the day after their first message appeared in our inbox. I'll try not to read too much into that, but for some reason I think it's pretty fucking cool.

Not surprisingly, chatting with a webcam brings a totally different dynamic to our conversations. The ability to see facial expressions makes it much easier to understand the tone of what's being said. A statement that might be taken as terse without a camera can be interpreted as sarcastic if you're able to see the sender laugh. Captain Obvious, I know. But it's been interesting to watch our chat partners, and I'm sure the same goes for them.

Our most recent sessions have included discussions of boundaries and expectations during our friends' visit. The whole situation – hanging out with openly sexually exploratory people – is a new thing for Maude and me. We have to approach it prudently, making sure everyone is comfortable. While it's necessary for everyone to dicuss feelings and concerns in advance, I think it's equally important to acknowledge that the conversation should continue even when – or especially when – we're all finally together.

If our face-to-face interaction with this other couple is anything like our chats (and I can't imagine why it won't be), then we're in for a fun time. I probably spend 75% of our chat time with a grin on my face. They have great senses of humor and they don't seem to mind if I'm in a goofy mood. Actually, I think they bring it out.

Okay, I don't want to sound like I'm tooting our horn here, but one thing that Maude and I have been told by several of our friends is that we're a fun couple to be around. I think that's as nice a compliment as I've ever received. Maude is my best friend. Sometimes a person is loads of fun as an individual, but as soon as their significant other shows up, their demeanor changes completely. That's not at all the case with us. In fact, I think Maude and I are sidekicks, and it's pretty apparent that this other couple is the same way. I think we're going to have tons of fun when they come to town.

Here's another astute observation for you: When you use a camera, you can see NAKEDNESS. Nude people. Yes, it's true. After some meaningful conversation (and a few glasses of wine/champagne), we decided to play Truth or Dare. Can you see where this is leading? It started off with questions about sex sessions, then moved to the realm of flashing and removing certain items of clothing. For quite some time, I had Maude's bra strapped to my head while my male counterpart wore his wife's underwear as a hat. He looked like a pirate and I looked like a baby wearing a bonnet. It's all so flattering, I know. The dares got more risque as the evening progressed, involving gropes and foreplay.

At the end of the night, one of our friends said they wanted to see me cum. In a previous chat Maude had mentioned that I tend to cum in high volumes, which apparently sparked some interest. Who am I to deny? ;-) As Maude sat on the couch, I stood next to her, pumping away at my cock. She intermittently licked and sucked me, while I grabbed her breasts and played with her nipples. We kept looking into each other's eyes, saying how much we love each other and how lucky we are to have one another. I could tell this was going to be a big one. When I was about to erupt, Maude gave them a heads-up. I aimed my cock squarely between her tits and unloaded a powerful load all over her chest and belly, ropes of it landing all over her naked torso. It was so intense that I nearly lost my balance as aftershocks rippled through my body, and I actually think I lost the ability to think coherently for about 15 seconds. When I was finally able to move, I got some tissues so that Maude could clean herself up, and boy did she ever make a show of it. She slowly dragged the tissues across her soaked body while I held the camera to give our friends a close-up view. We could see him jerking off very hard, she playing with his balls and touching him gently. I had the camera focused solely on Maude's breasts, zooming in on her nipples, and we expanded their camera to full-screen. Suddenly, his head thrust back and he came on his chest as she carressed him. To say it was impressive to watch would be an understatement. Maude and I sat there half amazed, half giddy, from everything we had just seen and done.

After wishing them sweet dreams, we shut down the computers, went into bed, and cuddled under the covers. We repeated how lucky we are to be together and how madly in love we are. I couldn't have held her tight enough if I tried. I drifted off to sleep, almost in a state of ecstacy over the knowledge that, when I wake in the morning, she will still be there next to me and I will love her even more.


Anonymous said...

Good lord that's sexy!!!

I know you're going to have a 'blast' (booo! I know), I hope we get to read about their visit... and dare I say... pictures?

Tim said...

Thanks, Jon!

I am sure we'll write all about their visit, so no worries about that

As for pics...hmm, who knows? Better stay tuned ;-)

Rae said...

Wow! I'm so excited for your friends to visit. You will tell us about it right?

And two guys cumming in one entry...I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! :-)

Tim said...

It was a fun night, Rae. When can we get you conferenced in to one of those chats? ;-)

Hank said...

sounds like a hot chat session. makes me wonder who the other lucky couple is.

Tim said...

Hi Hank!

Looks like you've figured it out ;-)

Thursday's Child said...

Weird, I just had a moment of deja vu while I was reading your post, and then I realized it wasn't deja vu, just that I'd also been regularly reading the other couple's blog. If it is, what I think it is, it's going to be incredibly hot, and I can't wait to hear all about it! And I'm also a little jealous - I can't wait for the times when I get to have fun like that!

Tim said...

Haha, it's neat that you made the connection, Thursday. We're looking forward to it, too!

Thanks for the comment!

45 said...

very hot..cant wait to hear more! ;)

bdenied said...

whew....its snowing but someone needs to turn on the airconditioning