Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Where are the blogs going?

I went online today to look at one of my favorite reads, "My Hot Sexy Wife". It was gone. I know he hadn't updated in awhile, but I'm sorry to see him leave. His blog was one of the 1st that I came across when I started writing this one. I followed his blog quite a bit and it's sad to see him go. Then I clicked on each of the blogs that we link to, and to my dismay I had to delete 2 more. They hadn't been updated lately either, and now they are gone.

It must be just me, but I have quite a different view of the blogs I read now. Most are just pictures, "look at how hot I am and leave lots of comments". Please. This isn't a popularity contest. Don't get me wrong, I love the pictures. Most of them are hot. But I can also go on youporn.com and see the same thing. And I don't feel obligated to give them an ego boost.

My own blogging is different now. And while I was never very good about it, I feel I am worse now. I am also not as anonymous as I used to be. I cannot write as freely as I once could. My words are judged and analyzed. My silence is judged and analyzed.


Hank said...

Our blogger friends come and go. makes me wonder what happened. I knew the blog you mentioned had not been update in a while, I was sad to see it deleted and have to remove it from my blogroll.

and to answer your question, yes, it was very fun.

bdenied said...

It is sad when blogs just stop for whatever reason.....but people change, interests change or they just get busy.....but your point is well taken

Thursday's Child said...

A lot of blogs have come and gone in the past year that I've been reading...some couples are no longer together, or have decided not to write, or are gone for other reasons. Still, I find that there are plenty of excellent blogs still springing up with emphasis on writing and not just pics. I've got some on my blogroll that I highly recommend!