Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The End of the Visit

Well, here I am. 24 hours after Penelope and Odysseus have left. What a visit. I have gone through such a wide array of emotions in the past week that I am utterly exhausted. When they left last night, Tim and I sat on the couch in complete silence and it took us both a few minutes to start talking. There were questions, there were answers, there were observations, and that doesn't even begin to cover it. This is going to take days... and probably weeks... to figure out what we feel.
I absolutely fell in love with Penelope. She is the most beautiful woman ever. You can probably tell from some of the pictures they post, but to see her in person is another story (of course it is). She is funny and sweet and smart. And the best kisser EVER. Making out with her was one of the best things to me. I'd do it again and again. And again.
Odysseus is fantastic. He was much more sweet and tender than I thought he would be. Not that I thought that he wouldn't be. If that makes any sense. He has perfect facial hair which tickled when we kissed and felt amazing all over my body. And he has a great cock.
I will not analyze too much of what happened. It was a great experience, and something that I will always cherish. I think it brought Tim and I to a different place in our relationship, in a positive way. It confirmed in my mind what I already knew... that O & P are truly great friends of mine and never want that to change.
I probably need to take a couple days to gather my thoughts and feelings to write again.
But it was a great visit. And we miss them.


Hank said...

it made me smile to read your post.

more details later?

Maude said...

I'm glad!! :)
Yes, more details later... I'm still trying to wrap my head around it all.

MikeCindynJoe said...

"But it was a great visit. And we miss them.", says it all.

Of course we want the details, but enjoy your afterglow before feeling the need to report.

Great post,


Jeff said...

The 2 of you are pricks - wannabe kids who have no notion of what you want or who you are. Just want to do what others do and be hip. Pathetic!