Monday, November 19, 2007


So last night Tim and I were laying in bed, ready to fall asleep. He curled up next to me in the spooning position and I turned around to kiss him. We kissed a lot. Actually... we made out. When I finally reached down to touch his cock, he was throbbing hard. I kissed his cock and touched his balls when he asked if he could lick my ass. We both took off our pjs and began to masturbate. I asked him to tease my pussy a little bit by putting finger just outside of my hole. I wanted to feel that pressure there, but not finger fucking me. I wanted to really want it. And it didn't take me long to come at all. Once I did, Tim put me on all fours and crawled behind me to lick my come off my pussy. He started to lick and finger my ass. And then he lay down in between my legs so I was straddling his face which usually I don't like, but I was so close to coming a second time, I had to push that out of my mind. I was so turned on that even my own noises were hot to me. After some time in that position, it was Tim's turn to come. And I wanted his come badly. He straddled me - and jerked off onto my tits. And when he came, he came with such force, that it was in my hair and belly button and everywhere in between.


Mr. & Mrs SW said...

I love eating cum out of a pussy. Last week we were on the boat and I fucking Mrs. SW in the standing position. After she had cum a couple times she ask that I eat her pussy. great taste

Rae said...

Oh god, that was so hot. I thought I'd been turned on all I could be today...but nope, you totally put me over the edge. ;-)

Eyes of the World said...

very hot