Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Penises and Tires

I know we're way overdue to post the final pic due to the Red Sox winning last week. Maude and I are currently on very different work schedules - I'm out the door before she's awake, and she comes home not long before I start to get sleepy. I've been turning into an old man over the past couple weeks. The effects of a hearty World Series celebration affected me for days, so I guess I just don't recover like I used to. There's nothing like the aftertaste of champagne and victory cigars on a Monday morning. Yum!

So I'm posting this pic from last week. I was running errands during my lunch break and figured that the one thing missing from my day was a self-cock photo. I couldn't get very hard, but it seemed like a fun thing to do nonetheless. It should be noted that at the very moment this picture was taken, my car apparently had a flat tire. I didn't realize it until I had driven another few miles and thoroughly ruined the tire.

Did my naughty game cause the tire to go flat? Possibly. Maybe I'll have to conduct a series of experiments to figure that out. In any event, here is the result of Experiment #1.


Anonymous said...

that's a good picture! ;-)

Rae said...

Still a great pic! You really do have a lovely cock...

Let us know how the rest of the experiments go ;-)

Penelope said...


Odysseus said...

you're making my wife hungry. and we both like it :)

Tim said...

Erotic- Thank you, I try my best.

Rae- Using empirical data, I shall forge on with my investigation. Thanks!

Penelope- Do you need a snack?

Odysseus- I'm more than happy to cook "dinner" for hungry lady friends. Drop her off at 7:00 sharp :)