Tuesday, January 2, 2007


Tim here.

I think I should give a little information about myself to start things off.

Maude and I live in a major metropolitan city and, at the moment, we have a fair amount of spare time on our hands. I'm open-minded about most things in life, and sex is no different. I suppose that like most men, I think about sex every several seconds and I am flat-out horny for a much of my waking life. For that matter, I have a pretty dirty mind even when I'm not awake.

Maude and I have been together for about a year, and we are a couple of happy and horny jokers. We've both been able to be open with each other about our sexual past and about what we'd like to try. Our sexual experiences have been experimental at times, familiar at others, but always wonderful. I always find myself thinking about her soft pussy and wonderful ass.

If I had to find a label for myself, I guess it would be bi-curious. I've never really done anything with a guy before. I've been curious since I was in my late teens, though probably longer. Maude completely backs me, and I am grateful beyond words for her support. She thinks it's hot, actually. But that's not to say it's easy. And I guess that's one of the parts of our sex life that is a live, ongoing topic. And we'll write about this and other things as much as we can and want to.

Sometimes we both might post separately in the same day. Sometimes we'll post together. Sometimes we won't post for several days. Anyway, we're excited about this and appreciate any comments you have.

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roddy said...

Good blog!

Bi-curious, Tim? and has Maude ever thought about a MMF 3some?

You need to handle it carefully (lol) so that your relationship isn't strained, but believe me, there is nothing like having a guy's cock in your mouth!

Anyway, I look forward to hearing how things progress.

Look after yourselves and have some good sex for me!